A magical launch in Seychelles

Set on the idyllic project site as the sun set in the Indian Ocean, Georgia and Vincent Van Heyste successfully launched Pangia Beach, their high-end residential development of 33 luxury beach apartments, in front of a large group of potential buyers and friends.

The white dress code added to the sense of barefoot luxury that is Pangia Beach and the stylish recurrence of the nautilus shell, the logo of the development, throughout the event décor served as a subtle reminder of the legacy of this boutique development. Georgia’s father had a dream to create a high-end luxury residential development but was unfortunately unable to realise it. The realisation has been taken up by Georgia and her husband, Vincent Van Heyste.

A catchy beach sign saying “PARADISE IS HERE” lured in and welcomed the invited guests. A marquee lined with fairy lights and surrounded by burning tiki torches and candles set the stage for what was a magical evening that perfectly captured the essence and atmosphere of Pangia Beach. Guests ranged from Ministers and dignitaries, to potential buyers, as well as old and new family friends. The perfect pairing of guests that fluidly merged and mingled throughout the evening captured the unique story of Pangia Beach – present and past combined in one luxurious and dream-like setting. The night was abuzz with laughter and conversation as guests reminisced and imagined all at once.

Launching the project, Minister of Finance, Mr Jean-Paul Adam – a childhood friend of Georgia’s – recalled his and Georgia’s father and stated that he was confident in how proud they would both be to witness the evening and the achievement of the project. His speech was both touching and confident, drawing on the past and yet inspiring further confidence in the dynamic duo that is the Van Heyste’s, as well as on the positive investment climate of the Seychelles.

Following on from Minister Adam, Vincent Van Heyste remembered his late father-in-law and spoke passionately about the project before moving on to the more technical details. He described the development and the options that will be available to buyers and homeowners in such a way that everyone present could picture themselves living in barefoot luxury. Vincent made clear that the development is unlike any other available in the Seychelles and that it will also stand out regionally and globally – an assurance confirmed by the International Property Awards they won. His background in finance and investment was clear, as he knew what the focus needed to be with regards to addressing the business element of the project and the appeal of the development as an investment. All attendees were invited to invest in their future home and lifestyle, to invest in a product that would not let them down, and that also served the purpose of bringing pure paradise into their lives without compromising on the high standards they are, or will soon be, accustomed to.

As the launch cocktail carried on ‘til the midnight hour, prospective homeowners sought more information and others were still mesmerized by the wealth of information provided of such an astounding development.  The Pangia Beach sales team would be pleased to afford you the same warm welcome and experience. Please contact us today on info@pangiabeach.com or visit our sales office.