The Legacy of Pangia Beach

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Seychelles islands, a dream location, Pangia Beach is a high-end residential development. The Seychelles is a true paradise still somewhat protected from the stresses of the modern world. With rich emerald greenery kissed by the breath taking blue of the ocean, the Seychelles will capture your heart as much as it will mesmerize your eyes. Located on Mahé, the luxury beach apartments of Pangia Beach present a modern take on barefoot luxury. Perfectly cradled by the natural surroundings of the Seychelles, Pangia Beach allows you to feel at one with nature whilst enjoying the indulgence of the architecture, design and overall finish of a high-end residential development.

Behind the designs of the award-winning South African architectural firm, SAOTA, the story of Pangia has a humble and sentimental beginning. It is a story of love, legacy and homecoming that revolves around a father and daughter bond. The story encapsulates that love is never ending as it lives forever in memories and dreams. Many years ago, Panos Papakokkinos purchased a parcel of beachfront property on Mahé with an idea that it would one day be a beautiful residential complex and marina. He was a man of vision, who unfortunately passed away before his plans came to fruition. However Panos’ dream has not been lost, nor forgotten, as it is being brought to realization by his daughter Georgia, alongside her husband Vincent. The dynamic couple are merging their respective skills and talents to ensure the smooth and flawless completion of Georgia’s father’s vision.

Even the name and logo of the development tell this story. The name Pangia is derived from the first three letters of Panos’ name and the last three letter of Georgia’s name. The merging of the two names signify the dream that the father had and which is now being completed by his loving daughter. A cutaway of a nautilus shell was chosen as the logo for the project. As one of the most beautiful underwater creatures, the nautilus features the best natural example of a logarithmic spiral and the golden ratio. The golden ratio symbolizes infinity as it is forever ongoing in nature, as is the love between father and daughter, and the realization of a dream. The thought that went into picking the name and logo reflects the attention to detail that Georgia and Vincent have, a trait that is invaluable to ensuring the high standards of luxury and quality finish of Pangia Beach.

It will not be just the development concept that bears the family stamp, as Georgia has used her interior design skills to ensure the final product takes design and luxury living to another level in Seychelles. With great attention to detail and the guarantee of a flawless finish, Georgia and Vincent have ensured that the ambiance of Pangia Beach and the colours used reflect an island home of the most superior quality. So why not make Pangia Beach your home? Contact us today on