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Art plays an integral part in an interior and completes the decor of a room. It is the ideal way to bring an accent of colour and interest, as well as texture and visual impact to an interior. It often tells a story and even evokes a personal memory. In addition, it creates a focal point that instantly draws the eye into the space.

At Pangia Beach, which captures the essence of luxury living, we recognize the importance of art in an interior. Georgia, the Interior Designer behind Pangia Beach, has always appreciated art and often gets inspired by colours in paintings when creating an interior design scheme.

Art comes in a variety of different styles and mediums. Ultimately, the right choice of art for your home is a very personal one. In Seychelles, we are blessed with a vibrant and diverse artist community to choose from. Many of the local artists form part of Arterial Network Seychelles. We like several of the Seychelles based artists, but our favourites are Zsaklin Miklos and Tristan Adams. We feel that their colourful paintings complement the breathtaking sea views from each and every Pangia Beach apartment.

Zsaklin Miklos, a Hungarian-born artist, specializes in abstract expressionism inspired by the tropical beauty of Seychelles. Especially the ‘Uncut Diamonds’ painting from her latest Frictions exhibition is a Pangia Beach favourite. This composition of multifaceted geometric patterns and different shades of blue creates an incredible canvas that matches Pangia Beach’s love of modern design and our signature colour, turquoise.

Another artist that complements the Pangia Beach interiors is Tristan Adams. He is the son of world renowned Michael Adams, and brother to Alyssa Adams, an artist in her own right. All three artists are amongst the most favoured local artists admired by Pangia Beach. Tristan’s artwork is colourful, contemporary and an expressional mix of styles. In his Landscape and Seascape series, he captures movement between the sky and the ocean. These large seascape paintings, depicting the white sandy beaches outlined by turquoise sea and majestic granite boulders against a backdrop of the lush tropical landscape of the Seychelles, are bound to bring interest to a room.

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