Pangia Beach | Seychelles Luxury Apartments


Holidays in the Seychelles are a dream come true, but owning a place in this tropical paradise is even better. Here are 5 reasons to buy property in Seychelles:

1. Incredible natural beauty
Known for its white-sandy beaches, turquoise waters and granite rocks, the 115 islands that make up Seychelles are blessed with an incredible natural beauty both on land and in the sea. If you owned a property in Seychelles, you could experience this tropical paradise whenever you desire.

2. Ideal tropical weather
With its pleasant temperatures all year round, Seychelles is an easy place to stay. The temperature rarely drops below 24oC or rises above 32oC. Even though there is the occasional tropical storm, Seychelles is a year round destination for sun worshippers and beach lovers.

3. Convenient location
A perfect location in terms of time zones, only 4 hours ahead of GMT, the Seychelles allows you to keep track of your global investments or holdings by being perfectly positioned to make the most of the various market opening times. With prompt connections via direct flights to major international hubs such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Bombay, Frankfurt, Beijing and Johannesburg, Seychelles provides serenity and peace without you feeling isolated. You will quickly be able to hop on one of the many daily flights and get to any destination.

4. Stable country
Seychelles is a stable, peaceful, democratic country with a proper legal system based on English common law and French civil law. The economy is built around tourism, fisheries and financial services. With its growing economy, stable floating currency and high standard of living, Seychelles stands out in the region as the perfect place to make an investment.

5. Tax benefits and residency
Seychelles offers an ideal environment in which and from which to do business. This is partly due to the level of taxation. There are no capital gains taxes, no property taxes and no inheritance taxes in Seychelles. In addition, only locally-sourced income is taxed, while income earned abroad is not taxed. Owners at Pangia Beach qualify to apply for residency in the Seychelles.

As the latest and most prestigious residential development in Seychelles, Pangia Beach combines all the above benefits with a contemporary and luxurious design. This makes the Pangia Beach apartments, which are sold freehold, an excellent option for a permanent residence, holiday home or investment property.

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